The Girl Behind The Laptop

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Hey guys!! Welcome to my blog! My name is Nema. I’m 19 years old and currently in college studying Chemical Engineering. I was originally born in West Africa Sierra Leone and my parents and I immigrated to the United States when I was about 3.  I’ve been natural my entire life meaning my hair has never been chemically straightened or altered in any way unless you consider coloring my hair (which some in the natural community  do). Although my mom would routinely perm her own hair she spared me and my little sister from the creamy crack because of two reasons 1.She wanted to wait until we were old enough to make that decision on our own and 2. Both my sister and I have a looser curl pattern than my mom. We both have about 3c/4a hair (we’ll get into hair typing later lol) and this allowed my mom to manage our hair easily without having to relax it. Although my mom tried her best to upkeep my hair, she didn’t know much about natural hair which pushed me to venture out onto my own and learn how to take care of my own natural hair. Luckily for me the natural hair community was beginning to blossom right around this time and my knowledge and skill set around my hair began to blossom as well. I don’t consider myself by any means a professional on natural hair but I believe what my blog brings to the table is relatableness and experience. When I first decided to truly start learning about the upkeep of natural hair, I was intimidated at first because it seems like a lot thrown you at once. The goal of my blog is to easily explain and break down many sometimes confusing concepts, procedures and styles in the natural hair world. Having and up-keeping natural hair is literally a way of life and it may not be for everyone. I say upkeep because to have your hair just sit on top of your head is not enough! And I know for many of you reading this blog it isn’t. In order to have healthy hair, hair thats shiny, hair that grows , hair that I ultimately deem “Good Hair”, its important to learn how to upkeep your hair. I made this blog because I am passionate about natural haircare and wanted to find a way to be able to share that passion with others. I plan on sharing all of the insight and experience I have gained along the way. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and make sure you follow and subscribe to get notified when new posts are up. I also heavily encourage everyone to comment and ask questions about any and everything. I really appreciate feedback and also constructive criticism on how to make my blog better.


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